1. You need to grow.
  2. When your marketing isn't working.
  3. Your brand has lost focus.
  4. If nobody knows your name. 
  5. You need to assess what actually is working and trim operations. 
  6. You need accountability. 
  7. You want objective feedback. 
  8. You don't have the time or internal resources to do all of the marketing research in-house. 
  9. You don't have a marketing plan. 
  10. You aren't ready to hire full-time staff. 
  11. You need an interim CMO. 
  12. Waiting is costing you money. 
  13. You need help defining your brand. 
  14. There's new competition in your market and it's time to up the ante. 
  15. You have limited resources and a lot to accomplish. 
  16. Your business has hit a plateau. 
  17. Your sales team needs stronger collateral. 
  18. You need help translating your vision into an actionable and measurable strategic plan.