CaliBrand Consulting was created after so many frustrating years of witnessing and being part of a broken marketing model. From the client side, marketing managers are overwhelmed and burdened with too many objectives to be effective. From the agency side, marketing initiatives are executed by lower level, less experienced coordinators after the firm’s executives secure the accounts.

 FORBES Magazine, Sept 2014

FORBES Magazine, Sept 2014

Seeing this gap, I decided to fill it with a modern concept made possible by trusted technologies, a solid network of talent and a skill set in project/team management. CaliBrand Consulting is the virtual Chief Marketing Officer and department for corporations, non-profits and government agencies in South Florida.

CaliBrand Consulting works as a remote department, free from office politics or institutionalized time drains, to focus solely on delivering marketing campaigns that work. CaliBrand Consulting is dedicated to solving the problem that is presented to us, whether it be the development of a comprehensive marketing plan to penetrate a designated market or the creation of an up-to-date website that builds credibility, donations and views. So we are not burdened with overwhelming demands.

We are a connected team of seasoned professionals, directed by a senior strategist so our clients receive the star talent for every project. There is no bait and switch of an agency arrangement. I believe in bringing the expertise and knowledge of market research, client understanding and cohesive collaboration to the table every single time. Approaching a project without thorough comprehension of the client’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is tantamount to fruitless guesswork.

When you see a problem, a need or a deficiency, there is a choice to be made. Either walk away or address it. Frustration for lack of a better marketing model was the impetus for my invention. Now, CaliBrand Consulting is here, and we are ready to work effectively for you.



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