Is an agency right for me?                             

Agencies specialize in 1 thing...closing the deal. Of course, some are great at specific skills, but the client suffers when an agency tries to do everything. Doing everything requires a big staff which translates to big overhead and over priced services. Our team is external and independent, which enables them to touch on every marketing discipline and provide high-level service at acceptable rates.

     What if I just hire a few freelancers.             

Many clients come to us when they've tried having a PR person, a graphics guy and a social media gal. What they find is that it becomes their job to make sure this fragmented team is aligned on the same strategy. Wouldn't your time be better spent running your business and not babysitting? Our CMO for Hire can manage them for you. 


I could take a shot at building my internal marketing team.

If you're lucky enough to find a high-level marketing person that you can afford, then you are faced with the difficult task of utilizing their skills in the best way. The last thing you want is a Director who is also charged with day to day tasks, they should be planning and forecasting. But it is incredibly difficult to see the forest when you're cutting down the trees. Many of our clients outsource their entire marketing department to us.